From Laura Hernandez

April 19, 2017               Agent: Juan Angel Sermeno

To Whom it May Concern:

I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Juan Angel Sermeño, my Real Estate Agent, for helping make my dream of buying my own home a reality. He is so friendly, courteous, and genuinely caring.

After my divorce and some financial difficulties, I never imagined that I could qualify for a home. Mr. Sermeño walked me through the whole process. With his help I was able to fix my credit. It took some time, and eventually I was able to buy the perfect home. Not only did he help me search for a perfect home for me, but he also managed make my offer to sellers and as a bonus- I got so many extras (refrigerator, sofa set, bedroom set, and recliner!).

Again, I want to thank him of his I will definitely recommend him to all of my family and friends if they ever need a realtor.

Warm regards,

Laura Hernandez


From Daniel Matthew Kreth

April 17, 2017               Agent: Juan Angel Sermeno
I was put in touch with Angel Sermeno by a friend in Spring of 2015 prior to moving to El Paso. I contacted him immediately to get started into looking into potential properties. Upon contacting him, he was extremely polite and offered me a detailed explanation on how the housing market works. He also put me in touch with a extremely reliable loan agent that specialized in VA Loans as well. Upon relocating to El Paso, Angel was extremely attentive to my family's needs. He was very patient by showing us around to different properties and explained the pros and cons of each of them. He also took extra time in explaining every legal form in fine detail to my wife and I. Angel put my family and I at ease. I did not feel overwhelmed at all while going through the home buying process. I am extremely grateful to have had Angel as my real estate agent. I gladly recommend Re Max and Angel Sermeno to any person wishing to purchase a property. Bravo!

From Kathy F

7/5/16                              Agent: Robert Saunders

I highly recommend Robert for all your real estate needs. He is very professional & truly does go above & beyond. We moved out of the El Paso area and when it was time to sell our home, we were nervous about how the process would work with us so far away. Robert took care of everything. He would go to our house several times a week to supervise contractors and to make sure our pool maintenance was being done. He even saved us hundreds of dollars by replacing a part on the pool pump himself. I will never forget all he did for us. Thank you, Robert!! 

From The Gonzalez Family

April 30, 2016         Agent: Yvonne Russell

From Ramon L

April 12, 2016               Agent: Robert Saunders

I had an excellent experience with Mr. Robert Saunders. He is a very professional in what he does, "above average" RE. Super agent...I highly will recommend him to anybody who need to buy or list a property With him, in my humble opinion, He is a very good asset for the "real estate office" he works for.


From Jaci R

April 7, 2016                  Agent: Robert Saunders

Professional and keeps the seller updated throughout process......

Robert sold both of our properties in Chaparral, NM and also in El Paso, TX. We tried to clean, paint and make sure the properties looked nice to start the selling process. We found Robert to be very knowledgeable in zoning and regulation laws which he indeed found many things left undone when we previously purchased these properties. (All the more important when you are moving from another state to NM or TX.) He kept us updated on the progress and also when we moved to NC (still having the TX house for sale), he checked on our property weekly, coordinated any needed repairs and gave us much peace of mind with us being so far away. Great experience and would definitely do it again!


From Jonathan F

April 4, 2016                  Agent: Robert Saunders

Mr. Saunders is a very knowledgeable, courteous real estate agent that is licensed for Texas and New Mexico. He was most helpful when selling my father's property in New Mexico during the probate process. He is very detail oriented for his clients, and is very good about following up with clients during the purchasing and selling of property. I would definitely recommend his services if I were still in the El Paso area.


From Lilian Charley

December 17, 2015           Agent: Yvonne Russell      

Email From Julie Crucian

September 30, 2015   Agent: Christopher Park

"Christopher Park helped us find our home in El Paso when we moved here in April, 2015. We have bought and sold five homes in four cities in the last nine years during our moves. In the process, we have worked with a number of realtors and we are impressed with Christopher. He is pleasant, professional, punctual and very knowledgeable in his field. He was always quick to respond to text messages and emails, helping us through the process in a timely manner.

He is the best realtor that we have ever worked with anywhere, and we highly recommend his services."

Julie Crucian

Email From Elmus and Elaine Beale

September 7, 2015            Agent: Sharon Plummer  sharon plummer.jpg


We received a notification that you made a donation in our honor to Children's Hospital through the Children's Miracle Network.

We are indeed honored and grateful that you did this. The story written in the acknowledgment describes a little girl, Brianna, who was treated by Dr. Chet Moorthy, one of my former colleagues the TTUHSC-El Paso. Knowing one of the participants in the story made it quite personal.

Thank you.

Elmus and Elaine  

From Sawyer Sikes

  July 2015                  Agent: Christopher Park

“I have had the pleasure of working alongside Chris over the last three years and know that he is always willing to go above and beyond for his friends, clients and business partners. Choosing to work with Chris Park is choosing to make a new friend who will go the extra mile for you.” -- Sawyer Sikes, Branch Manager Lone Star Title


From Jana Zuckswert Gainok

July 10, 2015              Agent: Yvonne Russell
Yvonne is the best realtor I've ever worked with... I'm happy to be used as reference and can elaborate why Yvonne is absolutely the best.

From The Campbell Family

October 9, 2014             Agent: Anna Causey
Anna, Thank you for everything you have done for us! You're amazing and we are so glad that you are in our lives.
The Campbell Family

From Rachel Pike

September 2014   Agent : Christopher Park

Smooth Process for a First Time Buyer

"Working with Chris was a great experience. He alleviated any first-time-buyer doubt, answered all of my many (and probably stupid) questions, and walked me through each step of the process. He listened to my list of “wants” and offered sound advice and recommendations specific to me, for which I am grateful. The first weekend I was able to get to El Paso we found a house I LOVED and were able to close on it promptly. Of note, I am military and communicating/researching long distance as well as closing on my house remotely were not problems for Chris. Chris went above and beyond, handling many of the details I could not be there personally for; he was present for many of the inspections and even checked on the house after closing (I was not able to be there for several weeks). I am 100% satisfied with the service Chris provided and recommend him to any of my friends/co-workers looking for housing in El Paso."

-- Rachel Pike

From Michael Watson

September 2014             Agent: Yvonne Russell

My father passed away, and we needed to help Mom sell her home in El Paso, although we live out of state. The home had been well lived in for several decades, and contained both plenty of nice belongings and a shed full of old junk. It needed cleaning both inside and out. We turned to Yvonne Russell for help, and that was one of the best decisions ever made. She asked well thought out questions and listened well to the answers from all, and she took care of everything. She took the time to visit with my elderly Mom on a one to one basis, and made sure of her wishes.

I highly and enthusiastically recommend Yvonne Russell to other families who need to sell a home for an estate, or for seniors who have moved or want to move into a senior living center, because she treats the elderly with great respect and compassion, and moreover she does a terrific job at aggressively selling the property. Every home sale has its quirks, and this one had many, but don’t worry because Yvonne Russell can handle it. She knows how to get things done and how to make it happen. She has earned our respect and admiration.

Michael Watson & Family

Colorado Springs, CO

From Brandea Leach

June 26, 2014            Agent: Rustom Marciano

Rustom was the best! He made the process of buying a house so easy and he was there to answer all our questions anytime we needed. I was definitely glad that I had Rustom has a realtor for buying our first home! Thank you for everything you did, you're much appreciated!

From Monica Angelina Rodriguez

June 19, 2014                 Agent: Rustom Marciano

I highly recommend this company & will definitely be coming back for their business when I am ready to buy a home! Rustom was more than helpful in helping us see homes & going out of his way to help us find a rental while others gave us the run-a-round. He is a great realtor & gives excellent customer service! Knowing the service he gives for rental customers alone is great I'm sure being a buyer you'll receive phenomenal service! 2 thumbs up from me!